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Developing Martial Arts Schools Fueled by the Most Extraordinary Ideas

In my mind’s eye I can see a martial arts association, a group of people, who represent the most extraordinary ideas, who thru vision and commitment and action, build a portfolio of accomplishments, thru their own actions and the actions of those they influence, that represent the most enlightened thinking, that represents grass-roots activism […]

The Measure of a Great Martial Arts Teacher, Master, School Owner

Martial Arts Teacher, Master, School Owner, Here’s Some Advice You Should Heed:

This is, of course, a piece about thinking. Why thinking? Because when you are thinking clearly, everything changes. What you get changes. What you produce changes. What you want, […]

Martial Arts School Marketing. 4 Categories. Business Talk from Tom Callos

Let’s say that we divide all (that is, EVERYTHING, every sensible, sane, honest method) of martial arts school marketing into 4 categories:

Category 1. All the easy, mindless, essential, inexpensive, everyone-knows-this, and everyone, regardless of experience, can-do-this stuff; postcards, tear-sheet fliers, lead boxes, “VIP passes,” print ads like everyone has access to in the martial […]

How to Market Your Martial Arts School. The 100. Method

How to Market Your Martial Arts School

The handsome photo above is of my friend and former student Michelle Spencer, taken by my friend and former student, photographer Neil Lockhart of Reno, NV.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an action is worth a thousand pictures.” –Martial arts master […]

Martial Arts Business: It Starts from The Top Down

Are you in the martial arts business, as in teaching what you love while paying the bills, plus? Read on:

So let’s say you want to run an extraordinary martial arts school.

Let’s say you want to run a school that’s a “10” on a scale from 1 to 10.

This might be, then, your checklist:

  1.   To run […]

Martial Arts Business: How to be a Martial Arts Master Teacher

These thoughts How to be a Martial Arts Master Teacher are, of course, how I’m thinking today. See if my thinking aligns with yours: 

  1. When you come into the martial arts, study it, whatever aspect that appeals or is available to you, whatever style, with the kind of vigor only a novice can bring to […]

Martial Arts Business: 10 Things to STOP Doing, Today (For School Owners & Teachers) # 1

Let’s talk about good Martial Arts Business:


Well, first, stop lying, stop insinuating you know or do things you really have no actual knowledge of, such as LEADERSHIP. Stop selling leadership courses which have no actual curriculum and are nothing more than a tool you use to sell another program. You started selling this course […]

Interview with Martial Arts Business Expert, Tom Callos, for Martialinfo.com

Interview with Martial Arts Business Expert, Tom Callos, conducted for www.Martialinfo.com

Tom Callos is both an outspoken critic of the martial arts business industry and a leading contributor to its direction. In this interview I ask Mr. Callos questions about what’s not right about the martial arts industry and what is, and what’s next for martial […]

Martial Arts Business Thinking: In The End…

Martial Arts Business Thinking:

In the end –and/or now –you could be a monumental force for good, for sanity, for connectivity, for education, for non-violence, for peace education, for clear thinking, for many, many good things in your community.

In the end –and/or now –you could be a Master Teacher of all the most important topics: Peace; […]

Martial Arts Business: On Cultivating Value

When it comes to martial arts business, let’s assume you understand that you make your work important –or trivial –by where your mind is focused.

This is important to “business” –as things that are trivial generally have much less value than things that are important. Ideally, we want to cultivate a product that […]