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The 100. Method: Martial Arts School Business Consulting / Mentoring

The 100. Method Offers Affordable and Effective One-on-One Martial Arts School Business Consulting with Tom Callos

Marketing: With the advent of the smart phone and social media, marketing a school intelligently and effectively is an all new game –and a very exciting thing. Tom can help you get your marketing game on –and what you learn from the process will fuel your work for years to come.

Money Management: How much do you really need? Where will it come from –and how to spend what you make wisely? The formula for profiting from your school is different for every owner, as expenses vary. Let Tom help you think through your numbers and come up with a longterm plan that works for you.

Curriculum Design: What you teach and how you go about it dictates your value. There might be no better teacher in the martial arts world to help you develop an approach to your curriculum that gives you a truly unique selling proposition.

Student Retention: Sales is half of our business, the other having is serving (and keeping) the students we enroll. You will not find better methods for student retention anywhere in the martial arts world than what you’ll learn to put to work from Tom Callos.

Staff Development and Training: “Management” is defined as “getting things done through the efforts of others” –and it might be the hardest job a school owner has. Tom Callos will help you with that.

On-Going Assistance and Education: The 100’s Member’s Only website already has more than 6000 educational pieces –and a new report is sent out nearly every working day of the year. The 100. has what may be the largest library of business related information in the martial arts community.

The 100. Method is for the most serious, driven, and professional teachers (and/or those who are working in that direction). Members enjoy the benefits of having one of the most respected, professional, and no-nonsense business, marketing, and teaching coaches in the international martial arts community on their team.

Membership is a very good thing –and it’s ridiculously inexpensive. To apply for a free consultation and one-week trial to The 100. Method, begin by filling out this audit.

If you’d like to speak to Tom Callos first, he’s available at 530-903-0286 and/or by Skype at tomcallos.

The Ultimate Black Belt Test (UBBT)

The Ultimate Black Belt Test (UBBT) is Tom Callos’ version of a kind of black belt training and testing program that matters. After more than 45 years of martial arts study, after graduating 1000’s of black belts as a part of Master Ernie Reyes, Sr.’s West Coast Association, after viewing hundreds of black belt tests, and after working as a consultant to the martial arts world for decades, Tom conceived the UBBT.

The UBBT has, literally, helped change the world of black belt testing for hundreds –if not thousands –of schools in the international martial arts community, bringing new ideas, concepts, practices, and dialogue to one of the martial arts world’s most important and telling activities.

The Ultimate Black Belt Test is a process of transformation and revitalization for the participant, for his or her thinking, for family, friendships, and other relationships, business objectives, curriculum design, spiritual ambitions, social engagement, and educational focus.

For more info on the UBBT, click here.

To apply for participation, reach out to Tom Callos at 530-903-0286.

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