Practice, Practice, Practice. The Work of Martial Arts School Owners

I am a martial arts citizen-teacher, a practitioner (40 plus years), and a martial arts business consultant, due to the fact that I owned and operated very successful schools, which I eventually retired from –and yet am still heavily engaged in teaching, but now to school owners, teachers, and their staff members.

Like you, perhaps, my […]

Martial Arts Business Consulting with The Community

I’m Tom Callos (Phone or text at 530-903-0286, Skype at tomcallos). I started learning, studying, and practicing the martial arts in 1971. I opened my first school in 1980 –and then owned and operated 2 schools in my town for nearly 20 years –that at their peak taught 800 students WEEKLY. In 1994 I retired, […]

Engaged Budo-ism. The Style of Martial Arts I Teach.

I have come to believe that what happens in a dojo, on the […]

Promises vs. Evidence. A Brilliant Shift for The Martial Arts Teacher

I think that the following concept stands at the beginning of what is a radical, healthy, intelligent change (evolution) in why we teach, how we teach, and what we talk about when we talk about our work; our work being the core work of lifelong teachers / practitioners of the martial arts.

The concept is about moving from a […]

Going Beyond the Facade: The Martial Arts Teacher’s Work.

The “facade” is what something appears to be –on the exterior.

Building a credible facade for your school involves saying / advertising the right words, constructing a credible “store-front,” having a snazzy website, and looking like an authority.

For example:

We all know schools that […]

Communicate. That’s How you Market.

Communicate: There are 5 types of MARKETING a martial arts school –or any business entity –can do:

  1. Telepathic marketing. This is where YOU know your benefits, and you seek to communicate them to potential members / customers thru your powers of mental telepathy. How’s that working?
  2. Dumbass marketing. You do it, it degrades your image, you look […]

Your Curriculum and Teaching Goals? Are You On The Right Track?

This post, Your Curriculum and Teaching Goals? Are You On The Right Track? — is/was a report to my members in THE COMMUNITY. It’s typical of the kind of coaching members receive. Click this link if you’re a martial arts school owner, teacher, or staff member of a school –and you’ll be able to […]

Time Management and The Martial Arts School Owner, Teacher, Staff Member

In a new series of videos, 60 second videos, in my also-new Instagram account “martial_arts_school_consulting” –I’m going to spread the news of sound, ethical, smart martial arts school marketing. In this, my first effort, I briefly discuss TIME MANAGEMENT.

When I was a 20-something, I worked with Master Ernie Reyes, Sr., along with my teammates on […]

How I Help Martial Arts School Owners. Think, Evolve, and Expanding Purpose.

I coach martial arts school owners, teachers, and their staff members to think, evolve, and expand their work –so that they’re striving to not only conduct the business of their work soundly (and ethically), but to expand their value in and to the community they live and work in.

The first order of business is help my […]

Martial Arts Teachers, Stand For Social Justice

Social Justice, Standing Up Against Trump, and the Martial Arts Teacher:

Just have to say how very PROUD I am of the many martial arts teachers I know who have had the guts, the courage, and the wisdom to take a stand against the illness and dis-ease we’re currently dealing with in America.

It gives me faith […]