Here are links for places you might find me –and some links to the people, projects, and things I love, respect, and/or admire.

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See some of my most amazing friends at these various sites:

See, first, my list of teaching heroes, at My Teaching Heroes, amazing martial artists putting it on the line.

Julia Butterfly Hill, Environmental Activist
John Bielenberg, Creative Everything
Pamela Dorr, Housing Activist Extraordinaire
Emily Pilloton, Head of Project H
Dan Millman, Writer, Teacher, Genius
Brian Williams, on his way to 1-million acts of kindness, filmmaker, public motivator
Dr. Lilian Cheung and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh‘s book collaboration, Savor.
BJ Penn, friend, teacher, fighter on behalf of young people in need.
Andy Mandell, Diabetes Activist and veteran of a 10,000 mile walk around the perimeter of the U.S. (read: A man of action).
Joel Paschal, Environmental Ocean Activist
Diana Lee Inosanto, Equal Rights Activist, filmmaker, actress, and martial artist.
Yuriko Gamo Romer, Filmmaker behind Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful.
Seth Godin and Chris Brogan, two fellows I most usually pay close attention to.
Chase Jarvis and Zdenek Mlika, 2 Photographers and Creatives I can’t get enough of.
Master Ernie Reyes, Sr. Beloved friend, my teacher, and teacher of teachers.


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