The 100. Method: Help for Your Work

Before we go about explaining / listing the many benefits of membership in The 100. Method, let’s talk about money. We know you’re not here to lose it, to waste it, or to be taken advantage of. You’re investigating The 100. Method for help –for genuine, sane, sensible, useful HELP.

Tom Callos knows the “business” of the martial arts as good or better than anyone in the world. He’s dedicated the majority of his adult life to helping martial arts teachers become masters of giving, of contribution, and of teaching things of deep value and importance.

His opinion: Value and contribution come first –money follows. When it comes to The 100. Method, every lesson, every idea, every skill taught is something you could share with your students and community –and there is never one ounce of manipulation, of covert sales intent, or of anything but honesty, mastery, and service to mankind.

Your Budget and Our Services:

First off, The 100. Method is not out of your budget, as it might be the international martial arts community’s most sensibly priced school-owner, teacher, and staff member resource. So if you’re worried as to whether you can afford Tom Callos’ help with your work, don’t. You can afford The 100., however the real questions are:

Are you willing to try some new ideas? 

Do you really want different results than you’re getting now?

Are you disciplined enough to stick to the work, long-term, for your long-term benefit?

You know, of course, that nothing changes and nothing happens in your school with a half-hearted effort. If YOU are ready, Tom Callos is ready to help you. If you’re not ready, don’t hesitate to return when you are. 

Ready to look deeper? You can reach Tom Callos right now, by E-mail at tomcallos at gmail dot com, by phone or text at 530-903-0286, or by Google Hangout or Skype (tomcallos).

Membership Benefits in The 100. Method

By Tom Callos

When you join The 100. Method, there are three primary benefits, each having many other benefits associated with them. They are:

  1. One-on-One help from Tom Callos, via video or phone business / consultation meetings. Once a member, you will be able to set up 15, 30, 45, or 1 hour meetings with Tom, as often as needed, to discuss issues important to you and your work. Note: Membership in The 100. for a year, is less than the cost of hosting a Tom Callos 2-day business seminar. It’s far wiser to work with The 100. for an extended period of time, then to try and absorb a year’s worth of coaching in 2 days.
  2. The 100. Method produces a daily-weekly on-line publication, curated by Tom Callos and other members, full of daily / weekly tips, tactics, ideas, and reports.
  3. Out library. The 100. hosts a library for INDEPENDENT STUDY, populated by more than 6000 reports on subjects of great importance to school owners, teachers, and staff members. This library is open 24/7, 365 days a year –and is an invaluable resource for ideas, methods, and information.


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